Jason Salecic

Driven by the detail and bringing to life the architect's vision to meet the client's expectations and beyond.

If I could invite any three people to dinner it would be Lebron James, Will Ferrell and Tiger Woods. A combination of sport and comedy.

Construction Manager

Dip. Building Design

Favourite colour? 

_ Blue 

 Favourite time of day and why? 

_ Evening 

First three artists on your playlist? 

_ Ed Sheeran
_ Usher 

 Last great meal you ate – where and what? 

_ BBQ chicken at Three Coins Italian Trattoria 

Favourite room in the house?

_ The kitchen

If you could live in any capital city which would it be?

_ I am already here. Perth, isolated from the rest of the world 

Favourite movie? 

_ Remember the Titans, with Denzel Washington 

Favourite drink? 

 _ Gin and tonic 

What are you currently reading? 

_ Fear No Evil by James Patterson