Ben Mountford

Passionate architect with grassroots knowledge of construction and a passion for the environment.

Favourite cities Dublin and Charleston in South Carolina. Welcoming and you don’t have to book to eat out. Plus you can swim in the ocean.

Principal Architect

B.Arch (Hons), B.Env Design
Registered Architect
Australian Institute of Architects
A.I.A reg 2450
M.B.A BC 103553

What would you be if you weren’t an architect?

_ Travel writer 

Favourite time of day and why? 

_ 7.00 am at the beach, salt water, coffee, and in front you is a new day 

First three songs on your playlist? 

_ Dan Sultan – Old Fitzroy
_ Van Morrison – Coney Island
_ Lou Reed – New Sensation

Last great meal you ate – where and what? 

_ Rockpool Sydney for Scotch fillet and Edwin P. Gibbs house on Sunday for crayfish off the grill 

Favourite movie? 

_ The Dancer Upstairs, John Malkovich 

Biggest architectural design influence? 

_ Modern Spanish architects, and prior to that the Danish. Alvaro Aalto and Siza, Enric Mirelles, Jorn Utzon. All have drawn on the site and surroundings better than others. Like them my biggest influence is the site and the question it puts forward, where are we on the ground and where do we want to go with the design? 

Favourite colour?  

_ Blue green